Selasa, 24 Februari 2015

EF#8 -Hello buddy!

How have you been?
Perhaps are you're still wrapped with selfishness and rage inside your soul? I know you too well, didn't I?

It still fresh on my memory, the day your teacher really mad at you, just because you try to defend your friends.
He smashed the door and kicked the table right in front of you, and there you are shocked, crying and your friends starts to leave you instead cheering you up.

Things weren't always bad, but
That day has put it scars in you, makes you who you are today, your turning point.
After those unfortunate event, you did not believe 'best friends' relationships were existed, you shut yourself and anytime you were in class you learn with so many rage, trying to prove you can do better, there's always a glint of revenge on your eyes.

Oh dear, I know how hard your life is, you're only 10 at those moments and you were very scared to told your parents.
But, you managed to carry on.

I'm proud with you, the revenge you had, that burning fire inside you, makes you passionate to study harder and the thoughts to protect yourself in the future made you chosen law as your degree, and you did a great job.
You start carefully picked who you want to be with, and those friends stay beside you until today, backed and cheer you up.

Anyhow, with all that has happened, the joy on your smile and tears that has fallen on your chubby cheeks,  I'm grateful for what we've been thru, and wishing all the best things that has await us in the future.
I love you and always will.

Keep fighting Karina..

This letter is for BEC #8 challenge:  letter for a younger you

7 komentar:

  1. 10 yo? Meaning that you are now...

    Thank you for participating in EF Challenge. I really feel what you are trying to say to the younger you here. But I want to ask, I see that the type of writing here is combine between full letter and poetry, am I right?

    1. Is it? I don't really know either. Maybe it's the influenced from several novels book I've readt. Hihi

  2. Wow, what a strong memory Mbak Karina.
    I believe that a strong experience will be a turning point for us, either to be better or worse and you succesfully use that to fuel your success. Great story Mbak. Thank you.

    1. Yes that's true.
      But I wish what's happened to me doesn't happen to kids now days.

  3. 10 years old??
    suddenly i feel so old ._.

    nice to meet you, mbak :D

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