Senin, 17 Juni 2013

Grateful List

Sometimes we forget of how grateful we are for living the life we have, we did compare our lives to others to much, pr sometimes we think we are great enough and look to others with one sided eyes. 
I do have some anxiety and jlittering feelings thinking about my life, how's it turn up if i'm not doing any mistake that i've made in the past. But, it's life, the world woudn't stop, so we need to keep on moving.

I decided to make a list of things that i'm grateful  of, it's not to show off or else, it's to remind myself, how God has give me a wonderfull life.

1. I recently wonder how's my life if my child wasn't born yet? Maybe right now i'll be somewhere in Europe starting my postgraduate life, but now when i look into my daughter eyes, i'm glad she was gere. She made me smile everyday, she made me loves my mom even more, and she made me more passionate even more. She set my goals to give her the best that i could offer. Yes, she is my futere now. I love her, more than i love my self.

2. When i was a kids, i wish someday prince charming who has anything, will come to me, i guess every little girl dreaming this too. But instead God send me my husband. He is not someone who has everything, but he'll do everything to make my dream come true, his working very hard to make my family happy, to make me happy. He teach me the reality of life, how to deal with ups and down in life, and for me he's my prince charming,

3. I felt so happy, yesterday i met my bestfriend, a friend that has been with me for almost 10 years. Glad to find them. They never judge me, or talk behind my back. They never makes me think twice to told any secret i had. I wish our friendship will last forever.

4. While i met my friends, they told me how was their relationship life's going on. I'm guessing they still have many guys to choose. But despite the freedom they have now, i felt sorry for them, for the dillema they're going through, galau is what the youngsters called now. They're too fragile then me, i'm grateful i wasn't longer in their shoes. 

5. I used to being bullied by my friend back at elementary school. I was chubby, mommy little daughter, cry a lot, makes me an easy target to mock on. 
A week ago i met other friend who was also a mommy daughter and also an easy target for being bullied by others. Now everything has changed a lot. The teacher who thought i was dumb, surprised i've finished school earlier than other student who has mocked at me back then. My friends didn't go to college but she help her family opening a department store, and also married to her prince charming. Grateful to show, i/we wasn't that weak girl you saw before.

6. I'm kinda scared of uncertainty in life, i'm scared something might gone wrong, but this lady guide me, every step i took in this life was with her blessing, she's a part of my life. She's my love at the first sight, Mom. I cant describe my feelings of how happy i am for being your daughter. This feelings of grateful of gaving you as my mom wont never end.

6. God you plan everything for me, i believe you'll always with me. You made me surrounded by wonderful people, makes my life amazing to live everyday. Thanks for everything.. 
So, thes are the list, i'll keep on making post like this in the future, to remind mu self how lucky i am. I dare you to make one. See how lucky your life is..

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