Sabtu, 24 November 2012

Review: Grand Indonesia Nursery Room

hallooo. kali ini saya akan memeberikan review lagi tentang nursery room. harap maklum ya punya abis saya berpergian dengan baby. untuk mensukseskan pemberian asi ekslusif tahap pertama, kemana-pun pergi yang dipikiran itu "nanti lyvi mimik nya bagaimana? ada nursery room ga ya?" pasti saya langsung searching di search angine untuk cari directory tempat atau mall yang dituju.

Minggu, 04 November 2012

Fiction Short Story : Daughter and Mom

"no you don't, you don't know anything about me! you never know how i hide my pain, or my feelings since i can't go anywhere and do anything what i want"
"you need to behave little girl, do you care to me then? you expect me to do anything, and everything i do, i did it perfectly"
"yes i know, you care about me, you expect me to be nice, but you never tell me how! you just expected! and i don't know what to do"
"and every time i get angry to you, you leave me with nothing, do you realize how oftenly i'm the one who did the apologizing things to you!"
"stop right there"
"or what? you will leave me again? you should tell me what to do. or else.."
"i never wish to undo anything that has happened, but, yes, i do want some glamorous life like the other girl. but i know it won't happened to me, and i'm not forcing it, but every time you leaves me with nothing, i wish i could do the same, but i didn't. i know my responsibility"
"please stop there, we are learning together here, we need to take care of each other right? at the end, the only we have is our bond as a family. i know you do mistakes, i kept my self shut cause i want you to learn your own mistakes"
"but i will never know how to react some problem if you don't tell me mom. please tell me! i'm unstable selfish girl. i know i get angry easily, but i don't know how to get rid of my habit"
"my girl, i'm sorry, ever since your dad passed away, i still can't manage how i'm going to survive my life, and also yours, I'm not that strong"
"i'm sorry mom, but i need you to be my guidance"
"i'm sorry my daughter, i realize how much we messed up, how much i left you behind, and give you a misery, we'll figure it out everything together, and i'll be there for you, and tell what you should do every time you did something wrong. i'm sorry..."
"love you mom. please be there for me..."
"love you too my dear"

Dont hestitate to apologize to someone, even she/he is younger then you. Apologizing never makes you die rite? Be there for your love ones. And if you are older and mature enough, have a good personality, you might be their role model. Well, this story is a fiction. Enjoy!

Kamis, 01 November 2012

Melahirkan? SC? Normal?

Postingan ini sebenarnya adalah suara hati saya.

"melahiraknnya normal apa SC bu?"
"Oh SC enak ya, ga sakit"

Saya sendiri adalah seorang ibu yang menjalani proses SC untuk melahirkan bayi mungil saya ke dunia. Ada masalah dengan cara yang saya tempuh ini kah?

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