Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012

Time flies, baby

In marriage there's a thing we should just letting go..
Its not because the romance goes away, but maybe because the romance has grown a little bit older.
See thing in different way, catching up the time to make a living.

On your first starting year of marriage there's a habit from your way of dating in the past is still be on those day, the way each other send messages, the way you look from the eyes to see the soul, the way you kiss then your cheek turning red like an apple, or the way you open the door to your mate just to make sure there's nothing bad will happened.

But, when you're about to take it to next level on your marriage, maybe you won't notice that tiny attitude. It's the romance that has grown up, not fading. You start to focusing to raise your family, working hard, and learning hard. time flies very fast, and there's no time to think and do like you were dating like a teenage young boy and girl. Saturday night, movie, the way you look, attitude, It's become no more a routine things you have to do. You has grown up.

Sometimes things are just changing, and I have to adapt to those things. Its maybe just the spices at the beginning, now is the real flavor
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