Sabtu, 04 Juni 2011


hellow fellas
right now i was enjoying my holidays in my new home and eating a bunch of cheetos. i've been spending two days sleep over on my new home. its felt so cozy, and the most i loved about my new home is i got my own room, my own music room, and WiFi internet services. hehe

rite beside me i got my boyfriend playing Wii.
he has been playing Wii with my sister since they organise my sister room to a 'game room'. yap this room is really cozy to play any kind of games, coz the bed was a sofa bed, so there's plenty of room to play.

now, my boy was playing such a game thats put you into a war/battle and i dont get what was so fun with it, haha
see his face and see his eyes! it's almost pop-up coz he was too serious to play those silly games :p

well this is it! 1st posting from my new home.

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