Jumat, 25 Juni 2010

nonsense writing

It's around 3am at the morning, and hell yeah I haven't sleep yet.

Suddenly, setelah liat blog tmen gue, mood buat nulis blog muncul. Mau nulis apa? Ga tau deh.
Tdi siang ada yg mau gue tulis, dan udh gue prepare sebagus mungkin, tp I still need some research.

After I read all my post, all I've been writing is all about my love live. Oh hell yeah, I'm so much into this love life nowadays. And I do feel bored with all the writing on this blog, so let's talk about what I've been thinking today.

Today, I was thinking of photography. I just love it, I tried to ignore it after I decide to out from photography club at campus, due to some reason I can't mention about, I just felt loosing something,
Memori yang lewat. Yap memori yang terlewatkan.
dlu gue mesti punya at least satu hp dengan mp canggih, so gue bs mengabadikan tiap moment,
dlu gue menyimpan foto" itu rapi!
dlu gue bangga nunjukin hasil foto.
tpi gue biarin aja itu lenyap, dan skrg rasanya ada yg hilang.

I think I'll get some short course for this,
This might be a chance for getting money, if I can get a side job. Apalagi pengeluaran gue semakin banyak akhir" ini.

But what kind of camera do I need, semi pro? Or pro?
What type?
Huff still need a lot of help here.
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