Senin, 16 Februari 2009

For them

Everything you said is just like a wind blowing for them.
Every path you take is a mistake for them.
Every second in your life, was just like living in hell.

They said they care of you so much,
They were there when you need someone to help you.
But instead of supporting you,
They were laughing where you were in pain that crushing deep
on your hearts and lungs.

They doubt you,
They doubt you for the path you choose.
They doubt you for the way you living your life.
the worse,
They doubt you for any decision you made for your own life.

Just keep in mind,
You know what is good for your own sake of live.
Just stay,
Just keep in mind, someday they will stay down on their knees for you, saying sorry and craying for your help.

NB: dedicated for "kaum yang terbuang"
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