Selasa, 18 November 2008

grow up before the time ? am i?

"Selama ini ada orang yang sedikit mengeluh waktu berkumpul dengan saudaranya yg masih bocah. Orang itu berkata 'anak kecil sekarang dewasa sebelum waktunya', tapi ternyata orang yg ngomong sendiri, memiliki pemikiran yg lebih dewasa dari pada umurnya" ~ from my offline messege

i have to answer these things..
karena orang yg di maksud itu adalah gue.
ya gue akuin gue pernah ngomong kalo bocah sekarang itu dewasa sebelum waktunya.
but i do, not mention in which part do they look like more older than they real age.

for me they seem more older from their act, they pretend to act like an adult, but the way they think are still a child or small kids.

kalo menurut lo pemikiran gue lebih dewasa dari umur gue..
ya mungkin aja..
HEY! i'm starting to grow up now!

nowdays, i'm not think that i was a really small kids anymore which like to play everytime, but i also not think that i am deserve to treat like an adult, cause i am a teenagers, which starting to take anything seriously.
and for me, in my age, is the time for me to choose, weather i want to be childish, and more selfish, or start to thinking big, and start to face my problem with calm and patience.

but i do still act like a kids sometimes, cause i do need to refresh my brain with 'kids thingy', such as game, etc.
but really,
i'm different from a small kids which act as and adult/teenagers.
cause i'm a teenagers which think like an adult but not act as and adult.

can you see the different?
it has so much different right?

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