Jumat, 28 November 2008

the fate of kids from the lower caste

i'm at my home now..
all i do just blogwalking and replying the sms from my friend.
nothing to do.
too lazy to open email, chat, friendster and facebook.
and somehow my brain travel back through time, and i remember the day, when i went home late due to extra-tuttion at my school.

that day, i went home at 4 o'clock. my driver choose to take the routes inside my school complex to shorten our time to get back home faster. at the street we found a bunch of people was playing football, imagine it was on the street!! the place where usually car passing around.
have they gone insane?
at first, it was such an obstacle for me..
in the car, suddenly i remember about the kids on tugu tani, the case is almost the same.
(if you like to seen the news on tv, i think you will know about the girl selling newspaper using uniform on tugu tani, but i don't care with that girl, cause she's not there anymore.)
a group of kids playing football! on the field of tugu tani statue! it's not even a big field where you can have a good facilities to play?!

when i remember those things i just can smile, and felt i couldn't trust my brain, why do i think such things?
and again, when i almost reach my home at the street,
i seen a group of kids from a lower caste playing football, ridding a bicycle and running all around, some of them are singging, loughing, even fighting.

and i start to relize..
it's not their faults why do they play on the street..
it's all because they don't have the facilities..
yes we have, but dont you relize? nowdays our facilities wasn't free.
they don't have free facilities!
they can't afford to play on the futsal field, it is expensive.
they can't afford to swim on the swimming pool.
eventhough we have free field, don't you relize they don't have a good facilities?
all was broken.

so when?
when will the kids, who was playing on street can play on the field with a complete facilities?
well, i just can expect our goverment can start think to make more free facilities..
these what was happen with kids from lower caste in jakarta.. how about your city?
hope it was so much better then mine..

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